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Time, Place, Room / long-term


Five outreach workshops in Norwegian prisons developed and implemented by former Prison Chaplain Kamille Nygård and Visuel Artist Tina Enghoff in collaboration with The Nationel Photomuseum in Norway, supported by the Norwegian Art Council.
"Time, Place, Room" is challenging power structures in Norwegian prisons by the photographic representation of the self. Giving the inmates a voice through photo and text.
The workshop participants will relate to their situation in prison through existential conversations and photographic and writing excercises in groups of 6-8 inmates.
The workshops has been followed by Pål Henrik Ekern and Maja Holst Svendsen from Preus - The Nationel Photomuseum in Norway to be able to develop a method for other museums continuing working with marganilized groups in the Norwegian society.
Example from the text:
The person I was before has always been pleased to see other people happy – pleased to feel the hapiness of others. I am not giving in. A human being with feelings doesn’t give up. What is left of me do not capitulate.
Geir Atle, Berg Prison
The workshops has been made in the following prisons in Norway: Berg Prison, Bastøy Prison, Halden Prison, Bredtveit Prison and Bjørgvin Prison.