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You Run But the Circle Surrounds You


Stills from the videoinstallation You Run But The Circle Surrounds You is based on research, site-specific art activism, outreach and local collaborations in Greenland, and it examines the archive's role in relation to personal history. The research takes us through two paralell worlds, David's memories of his stay as a child in Denmark 1953-57, oral history, Greenlandic way of communicating and the written statements about him and Nanortalik (his place of birth) in the Danish archives. You Run But The Circle Surrounds You is based on postcolonial identity and tales of losing ones roots, belonging and language - but also of regaining ownership. The young man, Greenlander Kristian Qasdi Mikael Sanimuinaq, who sets out into a small Zealand wood appears simultaneously as the hunter and the hunted. He makes a wordless performance, embodying an experience that superimposes movements in and between Danish and Greenlandic nature.
The video installation You Run But The Circle Surrounds You is part of the bigger project Displaced.
Stills from 10:16 min. video work
Nanortalik, Kalaallit Nunaat/Greenland, 2018
Kalundborg, Denmark, 2019
Director: Tina Enghoff
in collaboration with Øivind Weingaarde
3D animation by Anastaija Kiake
Narrator: David Samuel Naeman Josef Kristoffersen
Performance: Kristian Oasdi Mikael Sanimuinaq
Voice and drum dance: Josef Joelsen
Translation from Greenlandic to Danish: Aki-Mathilda Høegh-Dam
Editing and sound design: Øivind Weingaarde
3D animation: Anastasija Kiake
Filming in Kalaallit Nunaat/Greenland: Søren Zeuth
Filming in Denmark: Tina Enghoff/Anastasija Kiake