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Go Sit in Your Cell and the Cell Will Teach You Everything / long-term


Made in Collaboration with Kamille Nygård.
Hidden away behind walls lies a prison. A small world, with a bunch of small worlds within: the cells. A society consisting of people who have lost their voices. Men or women who have disappeared for months or years. In an open minded society hiding away people is remarkable. But we do so because we don´t know what else to do. All the old visible shaming punishments, known from history, are not used anymore and not an option, neither are the corporal punishments in a modern culture who claims to be human, an option. The collaborative project Go Sit in Your Cell and the Cell Will Teach You Everything is about visibility, giving a voice to those muted by society, aiming at breaking down the mental walls of society. In five Norwegian prisons we have collaborated with prisoners. Prisoners have taken pictures and written texts. Not about the prison, not about who they are in the opinion of others, not about what they have done or not done. But instead how does it effect you physically and mentally to be locked up, to be hidden away. The exhibition consist of:
• Photographs from the 5 workshops, already made, in Norwegian prisons ( see under outreach Time, Place Room. Bringing cameras into a high security prison letting the inmates handle them in their cells working with selfportraits.
• Workshop from Jyderup, a high security prison for women I Denmark. In this workshop from 2022 the inmates was an active part of the exhibiton in Citadellet in Landskrona.
• ISOLATION, a book made by Enghoff / Nygård, appear in visuel dialogue at the exhibition in Landskrona, a critical voice to solitary confinement in Denmark and leads to an understanding of how photography operates as a multifaceted visualization of inequalities in a European model state. ISOLATION probes ideas about Scandinavian exceptionalism, state registration and the surveillance complex.
Citadellet, Landskrona, Sweden. Part of Landskrona Photofestival 2022 curated by Monica Allende, UK.
More workshops to come in 2023/24