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Migrant Documents

(...)"There are vast differences in the degree of mobility across borders. Legal, bureaucratic boundaries, as well as physical borders and checkpoints at airports, etc. where scanning and profiling manifest the limitations to the ideal of the free movement of globalisation–and that it is limited to the privileged few. Paradoxically, national borders seem to have gained in significance. Both at the immigration offices and airports, where the authorities let the ‘right’, economically attractive passengers through the system quickly and easily. But there are others in transit who are subject to suspicion, if not direct harassment. This reflects the usual divisions of neoliberal, capitalist surveillance society, where mobility has a price. The negotiations involved in being an undocumented migrant in an otherwise minutely registered Scandinavian nation is the subject of Tina Enghoff’s Migrant Documents.”
Excerpt from Borders by Louise Wolthers