BooksSeven Years

A project by Tina Enghoff
and Uzma Ahmed
English and Danish (two separate editions)
English and Danish edition: text by Kirsten Thorup and Uzma Ahmed Andresen.
Editor English and Danish edition: Søren Møller Christensen, Forlaget Vandkunsten, Lindgreens Allé 20C, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark. Telephone +45 3297 1474 / /
Danish language ISBN 978-87-7695-166-5
English language ISBN: 978-87-7695-175-7
A limited number of copies of the English book will be published by Journal, Stockholm. /
and has ISBN 978 91 978876 0 1
Design and Layout: Tina Enghoff
104 pages, 29 photographs and 16 framegraps from the video Threshold of Pain.
24,5 cm x 29 cm