Upcoming events

Opening 24th of February 2022
Solo Exhibition Displaced, The Royal Danish Library - The Black Diamond, Copenhagen, DK. Curated by Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz.
26th of April 2022
Artist Talk in connection to the exhibition Displaced At The Royal Danish Library - The Black Diamond, Copenhagen, DK.
Together with Julie Edel Hardenberg, Greenland, visuel artist and Inge Høst Seiding, Greenland, former head of The National Archive in Greenland. Addressing issues on colonial questions related to Memory, Art and Archives.
August/September 2022
Artist Keynote on a 3 days seminar at University of Copenhagen, Excess and Absence in the Photographic Record.
This conference approaches photography through the incidental, the ordinary, and the unseen. Considering the medium of photography as ideally suited to capturing the accidental as well as what Saidiya Hartman calls "the minor figure," it asks what alternative histories, or alternative angles on established histories, the photograph can present us as viewers.
Opening October 2022
Group Exhibition Billboard Fesival Sankt Petersborg, Street Art project in the public space of Sankt Petersborg.
The festival brings together and exhibit Russian, Turkish, Moroccan and Nordic contemporary female artists The billboards will be full of photographic images by the female artist – raising awareness and encouraging public debates on gender issues, as well as bringing contemporary art to a wider audience of all genders and ages. Curated by Hanne Lise Thomsen.
Ongoing 2022
SixtyEight Art Institute, outreach workshop, Voice / Listening / Sight. Making the methods of the paticapatory artists visible: a concrete opportunity to learn and collect the artistic methodologies used by the different artists, which will be analysed and collected in a publication. Curated by Inanna Ricarddi.

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