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Part of Valby

Part of Valby a community based 4 year project in collaboration with Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center.
Projections of all 5 videoinstallations in Folehaven november 2015, a socially marginalized area outside Copenhagen. The 5 videoinstallations has been made together with mostly boys age 12-20 with different ethnic backgrounds. All five videos has been shown at the yearly art video festival in Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center.
This time we take them back into the area and make projections of all 5 videos with the help of the community and the young people taking part of making the videos.
Together with the projections 150 posters were placed around in Folehaven.
In short the idea and methods behind Part of Valby:
Through events, talks and an equal positioning in the FOKUS video arts festivals program, to assign a co creation based artwork is of significant importance in an art institutional framework and concrete for the art audience in the art hall.
To develop and train a youth team with their own experience of working with art as a catalyst for changing identities and communities and being part of the Arthalls program.
To develop a method and some clear tools based on art, culture, museology, learning and housing social work that mutually benefit the three social housing projects in the district and can at the same time serve as a matrix for future efforts elsewhere in the country.
To contribute to the development of cultural democracy and citizenship of the individuals as well as institutions involved.
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